Pastoral Care

How Chaplains-N-More can help:

• Spiritual Guidance
• Staff Care
• Chapel Services
• Providing the Sacraments
• One-on-one Visitations
• Funerals/Memorials
• Baby Dedications
• Victim support
• Weddings
• Encouragement
• Grief Support Counseling
• Prison and Jail Visitation
• Seminars/Teaching
• Corporate Staff Meetings
• Helping your Staff with personal situations
• Marketing Advantage

We are Commissioned chaplains who teach, encourage, comfort, and share in many different avenues.  We go to Hospitals, Adult Care facilities and homes. We  minister through chapel services, personal visitation, staff mtgs, on site counseling and in many places that desires a spiritual touch. 

We realize manytimes that individuals may find their selves without a ministers or church covering in times of need such as funerals, weddings, memorials, baptisms and desire a spiritual leader to lead them through these events. Thats why we exsist to help people through importants times in their lives. Please call us with any questions you might have.